Beyond: Two Souls

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I decided to play Beyond: Two Souls, which was developed by Quantic Dream (the same folks who bought us Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human). I didn’t know what to expect from this game. I heard it had gotten many mixed reviews when it was first released. It was mostly complaints about the game’s story being boring. Boring as Heavy Rain, they said. I disagree. I actually thought it was better than Heavy Rain’s. Although… If I played this game back in 2013, I would have probably said this was just as boring as Heavy Rain. I wasn’t use to these interactive games like I am now. Who knows. Since I am older and have a better appreciation for these kinds of games, I might actually enjoy Heavy Rain this time. I doubt it — but I should still at least play it again. 😅

In Beyond: Two Souls, you play as a young woman named Jodie, who possesses an unique gift. She has been bonded with an entity name Aiden ever since she was born. He helps and protects her. Aiden can possess people, move/destroy objects, heal wounds and even kill people. Still… He could had done a better job of protecting her. I mean, on three different occasions, Jodie was hit in the head. Where was Aiden??? Jodie could have really used your protection then. 😂 But this is a cool game. You watch as Jodie grow up with this gift (or curse as she calls it). It’s an emotional, and often times an action-packed story. I don’t want to spoil it. Basically, this is a story of a young woman, with an unusual gift, wanting to have a normal life — but things keep happening that makes it not possible. Again, this is an emotional story. I thought so, anyways.

Now you may have noticed the lead character, Jodie, looks exactly like Ellen Page. It’s her. She, Willem Defoe, Kadeem Hardison along with other actors have lend their likenesses and talents to help make this game. Page’s portrayal of Jodie was good. You can feel Jodie’s pain of not being normal. You can also feel her strength. Again, Page’s portrayal of Jodie was good. Willem Defoe and the other actors played their roles well, too. You can tell that the actors and David Cage (the game’s director) put their hearts and souls into making this game great. Well, I think so, anyways. 😎

For you trophy hunters — the trophies aren’t too hard to unlock, as long as you know what you are doing. 😅 Most of them are chapter-related trophies. There’s only one trophy for collectibles/bonuses. You might have a bit of trouble with the “All Endings” one. It is RECOMMENDED you use a trophy guide if you want to get the Platinum. I prefer this guide, courtesy of PSNProfiles. It helped me a lot. It also has video walkthroughs. So that’s a plus. 😎

To save, or not to save, that is the question…

After you beat the game, you will be able to replay chapters to earn chapter-related trophies and collect the bonuses. HOWEVER! Before you replay a chapter, you will get this message. If your goal is just to earn the chapter-related trophies or collect the bonuses, then you don’t need to enable the save function. But if you are going for the “All Endings” trophy, it is RECOMMENDED you enable the save function. Don’t need to worry about losing your progress from your previous playthrough. But if you forgot to enable the save function and unlocked an ending, you DO NOT need to worry. Just let the end credits roll and the game will automatically save — which means the game will keep track of every endings you have watched.

It’s also RECOMMENDED you should focus on “saving all characters” on your first playthrough. You can get most of the endings on this route. Your second playthrough should focus on “not saving all characters”. There are only two endings you can get on this route. If you still need help on this, I again RECOMMEND you using this guide.

If you are a fan of interactive games (like Life is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm or any Telltale games), then you will enjoy this game. I know I did. 😁

I completed Beyond: Two Souls, and you know what that means…

Beyond: Two Souls…